Saturday, June 19

Sorry I'm horrible at this.

thank-you Cherry Diva for this award.

The rules are to list seven things about yourself.

so for this I tag; Emily who quite honestly has a cutie of a blog.

1. At the moment I'm not happy with who I am. 

2. Doing two musicals has taken it's toll on me and my sleep.

3. I have regular panic attacks.

4. My favourite perfume is 'Love her Madly' by Revlon (it's a guaranteed compliment winner)

5. I'm still in debate whether to buy a $30 or $15 Itunes card.

6. My toes are a brilliant lemon yellow colour.

7. I aced my Shakespeare Lady Macbeth soliloquy (well so everyone keeps telling me.)


  1. Lovely post. :)
    1.I'd say the thirty dollar voucher.
    2. Well done on your soliloquy
    3. What musicals are they?


  2. Thank you thank you thank for the awesome award i shall post it up soon. and no way would i be sick of awards, actually i have only really been given 4 so bring on the awards ! (:

  3. Keep in mind that there is always space for change :) and if you are not pleased with who you are right now, just remember it is still you and you should love every phase of your personality :)

    lovely blog, following :)
    see you soon :)


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