Friday, September 17

My week in musings.

Late night bonfires. Murderer's in the dark. Drunken homeless people scaring us. My brother hooning around. Dad's birthday. Hanging out with cute guys. Eating too much chocolate. Dancing under the influence of old music and couple of sips of 'St George Fucking Good Port'. Funeral for my best friend's Dad. Horrible but funny drama performance. New music, Daisy- Karine Polwart, For the first time - The Script, 80 miles + Teenage Fury - Washington. Musical rehearsal filled with regular and new inside jokes. SOSE oral in my drama blacks and shoes with no socks. New flats arriving from Mexico. Scaring year niners with the pleasures of year 10. Bum bump wars in SOSE. Hokey Pokey in the line before maths. Stare Bear tallying (in the space of 2 hours it reached 43). Rugby Union presentations, filled with the good memories. Building a new obsession with the Sixties. It's weeks like these that make me scared of leaving my friends and neighbours.


  1. Sounds like you were ridiculously busy.

  2. what a wonderful week <3 hope every week's as memorable as the last...

  3. love the photos! what a week, also lovely blog :)


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