Friday, October 1

Tomorrow When The War Began

I finally saw it last night (yes our movie theatre is that slow) and OH. MY. GOSH. it was the best. I seriously loved it which was a major relief because I read the series a couple of years ago. But it was even better watching it with two friends who walked in during ads and saw me, and it was so funny. Especially when my friend asked me during the movie if my cousin was my brother's girlfriend...I tried so hard not to laugh because it was during one the sad moments. But it was all so believable and good and I want to watch it over and over again. Especially Chris's character, everyone in the whole theatre were cracking up.
And I think I'm falling in love with Lincoln Lewis (even more) and Deniz Akdeniz.


  1. Ooo I still havent seen that movie! It looks good. I havent read any of the books though.

    Ah Lincoln Lewis<3

    Glad you had such a nice time:)

    xx Carina

  2. I still haven't seen this movie yet either.

    I'm actually a little nervous to see it, I hope Lincoln Lewis played the part well.


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