Friday, November 19

This ain't no ordinary Friday.

I handed in my last assignment for my school and my brother finished his last day as a student. And I will admit, I absolutely bawled my eyes out like a baby, especially when he got up to play the piano (own composition), which was donated by my Grandparents, and it was the first time it had been played in the hall since 2008. It was absolutely beautiful, the whole ceremony was beautiful. Then when the 'assembly' finished we filed out of the hall, and listened to their 'final' war cry, as we made a guard of honour (cue more crying), and then my brother saw me and gave me the biggest hug. So basically I was a walking fountain, and just as I managed to dry up a bit, my friend came up to me and said

"I just realised you only have 3 days left"

Oh God.

In the end I managed to spend the day laughing and crying and then some more crying. I didn't even realise I would miss my brother this much, and the school I knew I would miss my friends.

But the best part out of the whole day was Math, since all we basically did was muck around, taking photos since she was marking our last assignment. And then my friend and I stole the whiteboard markers and I came up with a little fill in the blanks.

1. My name is ________.
2. I'm about ____ years old.
3. I really, really love the way you _________.
4. I hate your big, fat, hairy _______________.
5. But I will always ________ you.

So these are dedicated to my friends;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
1. Felicity
2. 16
3. You wear those shoe laces, its WHITE HOT!
4. Your eyebrow, the left one.
5. Sing about.

1. Flick
2. 15
3. You do that sexpot thing
4. Right nostril
5. do your dance or handshake with

Ballet shoes:
1. Feli
2. 16
3. Pick out your wedgies
4. Teeth
5. Tic Tac Toe with

1. Floss
2. 15
3. Laugh at jokes even though you don't understand them
4. head
5. Laugh at (or with)

If you want to do it, go ahead make me laugh with your answers (most of my answers were for comedic purposes only).

And to my brother even though you don't know this blog exists (and never will), I love you, even though your way to protective and annoying. I love the way you always make me laugh and I love the way you are so full of life and happy. I hope that I in some way I can be a little like you. And your right, you will always win arguments and our older brother is 'intense'.

P.S. It may take me a while to answers your comments, cause I'm trying that whole lets move our entire lives while earning money thing.


  1. Congratulations to your brother! Ah you are such a good little sister, crying for him hahah. I hope everything has been well on your end. Let's see - fill in the blank

    1. My name is Lizard.
    2. I'm about 19 years old.
    3. I really, really love the way you write.
    4. I hate your big, fat, hairy caterpillar.
    5. But I will always follow you.

    xD oh man i sound like stalker in the last statement hahahaha

  2. Ha ha it's ok.
    1. My name is Alkyoni.
    2. I am about 16 years old.
    3. I really, really like the way you always put nice pics with your posts.
    4. I hate your big, fat, hairy toothbrush.
    5. But I will always heart you.

    P.S. Ahem. About the toothbrush, um, don't ask.
    P.S.". Thanks for the comment. I love uploading photos from my city. :)


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