Thursday, December 16

Lord Farquaad is such a tiny fellow...

I'm bored, it's holidays and to be bored you have to be I'm going to try not be bored because I'd hate to be boring. Fudge. So I've decided to do a 9 things you don't know about me, probably don't want to know about me, but thanks to my current state of boredom you shall learn about me.

1. I like the number nine, I like all odd numbers. This worries me because last night I watched an episode of criminal minds and it was about an arsonist. This arsonist was unusual because she had OCD, about the number 3 after she was burnt and lived. So she started to burn people using a pattern of 333. Because she believed she was tested and purified by God when she was burnt and lived, and she lived in a house with the numbers 333. Which worries because three is an odd number and 3 + 3 + 3 = 9.

2. I recently ate an entire packet of Minties just so I could collect the wrappers. BAD MISTAKE. The next day I had the worst headache because my jaw hurt so much. But the worst part I looked at one of the wrappers and I almost started crying because I felt bad for the little fellow in the bad situation...oh dear me. But on the plus side I love Minties.

3. I've started doodling again, last night I drew pictures of what my siblings and I would look like when we grew older. My oldest sibling was a tired, skinny architect. My middle sibling was a fat, muso who was working out, and still pines for his youth. And me, well I was a sex pot, because of course I the most attractive one amongst my family.

4. My cousin asked me the other day if it ever pisses me off that my mother obviously loves my middle brother more (our eldest has left the treehouse) and she knows this is for real after a conversation they had (my mum rang my cousin just to talk about my brother for an hour) . I felt relief because I started to worry I was just being selfish.

5. I love the character Duckie of Pretty in Pink - I'd marry that guy :)

6. In my family we do a Christmas draw because we're so big. This year I finally begin my Christmas Draw days (you start when your 15) and I was lucky enough to get Granddad. I'm the envy of my family.

7. The other day on Facebook I stumbled across a boy I met at a scholarship test for my new school. I fell in love. The boy is GORGEOUS and he wants to be a doctor, it literally brought tears to my eyes that such an angel could exist.

8. I love the movie 48 Shades, when I'm older my house is going to look like that.

9. I have this feeling that I'm being watched/hunted/stalked/preyed upon - whatever you call it. And ever since  I've started feeling like this my dreams have been good. But weird thing is I wake up at 4:00-ish every day frightened.

Well that was entertaining...


  1. This was so interesting to read. I've been doodling too, to pass the time. I am obssessed with drawing castles at this point in time for some reason.

    Only the 'grown ups' in our family do the Christmas draw. So I will have to wait until I am deemed an 'adult' until I take part. But I'm still excited about making some homemade gifts for the whole family.

    Aw thats so sweet about finding the boy. So many are jerks these days, or maybe thats just me who thinks that. He sounds lovely though.

    Hope your feelings of being stalked go away, but not your good dreams.

    xx Carina

    P.S Merry Christmas to you too:)

  2. Oh goodness, I absolutely DESPISE odd numbers! Team EVEN!
    BAHAHAHA nice doodle! :D
    I love all of the classic 80 films...The Breakfast Club is my favorite movie. :)
    Who do you think is stalking/watching you.??!?!


  3. This post was sweet! <3 LOL, I've never liked the number 3, and had more of a dislike since that ep of Criminal Minds :P Aww, that's so exciting about the boy! I haven't seen Pretty In Pink, but I've got a soft spot for 80s movies, so I'll check it out soon! Have a lovely Christmas! xxx

  4. Ooh I really like this post - hearing about how your life is going is so great hhahaa. Ah you should go meet/stalk that uber pretty boy again (pretty boys are so <3)

    Ah I hope you don't get lost in the crowd - it's easy when you are going to a new school. I was lost for a couple years when I entered my high school, but I found my way back through my old friends who have always been there for me. Knowing you - you'll probably be fine ^__^

  5. there are so many things i wanna comment on...i hate knowing you are not the favourite. it's a weird feeling. comment me back if you want to talk bout it more, i swear my mum favour my little bro so much! also, i LOVE LOVE LOVE 48 shades! such a good book and movie! i'm double glad you have found a gorgeous dr guy to love. keep us updated on how it goes. yum yum yum.

    love your blog always, have a great christmas! xxx

  6. happy christmas ;*
    ur blog is amazing and interesting ; )

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  7. i love criminal minds!!
    reid is the best!

    laurie x

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  8. Ahh - good to see my Minties wrapper cartoon still alive and kicking, well over a decade since I made it :)


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