Saturday, January 8

I wished things remained the same.

I am an emotional wreck.
I keep things to myself, because I'm afraid no one will listen.
I wish I could go back, and re-do last night.
I love how we are forever changing.
I dance like someone who should be on Australian funniest home videos.
I sing because I can.
I think I should start packing for Toowoomba.
I really wish my cat would stop eating me alive when I'm sleeping 0_o
I need to stop being so emotional.
I should do so many things, like say sorry.
I can not touch my nose with my tongue, come to think of it I can't touch my elbow either.
I like to read Melina Marchetta, her books are the definition of amazing.
I make the worst daughter and friend.
I always have avocado, which is funny because I used to hate it.

So basically last night I cracked. I'm not proud, but I just wish everyone would stop telling me my faults, I already know.  


  1. Oh darling no! Don't let people get to you like that. No one has the right to point out your faults, and we are all faulted. Especially those that take the time to point out yours. You know, I have a few people at my school write journal pages about me and my friends talking about how hard we try to be artsy, and I honestly think that people who do things like that are evil. And trying to make themselves sound better than they actually are. Stand strong!!

  2. I'm sure people would be willing to listen. It is frustrating hearing things that you already know. Don't worry about them though, do what is best for you.

  3. heyy, everyone makes mistakes, and if youve made some, its never too late to make it right. Hope things get better for youu


  4. Hello you.
    Believe me, I know how you feel. But I don't think it's bad that you "cracked". I think we all need to let off steam now and again. Hope things turn aaround soon ♥

  5. I do not believe that you make the worst daughter and friend. I think you are an amazing person. Please cheer up! The sun is still shining :)


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