Tuesday, January 18

One brother is a genious, another is a musician.

Whilst eating a lovely and nutritious lunch, lovingly prepared my moi, I started thinking. How strange/silly/funny/cool would be if you met someone you knew everything about something odd. Like the genetics of poppies, how Dugongs mate and so on and so forth. Which then gave me a brilliant, fabulous, just gosh damn amazing idea. How cool would it be to learn something new each month? Whether it be about how to make gardening pots, certain odd religions - whatever. So this where I need your help and quickish, what is something I could learn in the week before January ends? Please make it slightly simple, I'm starting a new school and moving house.

At the end of January or start of February I will give a post on everything I know about that topic. I shall call this (maybe) blog challenge 'The fabulous thirst for knowledge' or maybe 'The quest for the facts on topsy turvy'...yeah it needs work.

At the moment I'm thinking the life of a sailor in the early 1900's. 


  1. Oh, I love this idea!
    Hmmm. The migration habits of peacocks? The mating system of lizards? The life of a victorian age Russian princess?

  2. This is just lovely! The idea of this, it is so creative. Maybe you could study Anastasia? Or growth hormones given to animals being raised as food? Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. I'd love to read posts like these! Unfortunately, I'm terrible at coming up with topics, although I sometimes find some pretty funny stuff by clicking the "Random Article" button on Wikipedia lots. Anyways, good luck! ♥

  4. Wao! You changed your blog layout heheheheh! I like it! Hmmmm...you could study the life of Mozart. Or maybe learn how to blow glass? Or how to make a pinhole camera!

  5. This sounds like a great idea! Could learn so many new things! Oh good luck with your new school.

    xx carina


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