Wednesday, January 26

Piper's Son

I feel torn, not because it's new and I hate it. Opposite. I love it and at the same time I just want to go back. It reminds me of the book, "The Piper's Son", at the start Tara was telling Tom to get out his grid, but by the end (once they're friendship was rebuilt) she told Tom she hated ever leaving because now she was left wanting both worlds. And even though it's been one day at this new place I just get the feeling like I've always belonged and that everything that's happening was always going to happen. I guess it's what some of you might call 'destiny' or 'fate' and it's weird because I've always believed in those sort of things, it's just never happened to me.

I love how here you're so anonymous, especially since I'm new. But at the same time I'm still so much attached to every little detail of the old.

I really, really love how easily I chatted with the boy on the bus.


  1. I know that feeling so well. I get it every time I go back to school. It twinges your heart a little sometimes, but other times it's okay. I hope everything is going well =)

  2. this is beautiful. all of it, it's just stunning. x

  3. It's one of the worst feelings.
    Gorgeous, darling.


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