Monday, April 18

Walking the streets of Giru in my Pajama bottoms.

I'm 16 today. The age that most teens count down to, because getting our Learners means we're one step closer to complete freedom. I'm just saying now, I'm so unbelievably scared, please if you value your life and your loved ones don't let them drive in the same city as me, ever. 

But this birthday so far has been one of the best birthdays for me, except for when I was little one. I just spent the last weekend in Giru for a girl who is born on the same day as me (TWIN!) and I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful home; I almost cried upon entering the house. But it wasn't just the beauty of the place, but the people too. It was a small group and we had a blast, D & M-ing, creating little inside jokes and just being absolute nutters. 
Then today I'm spending a day with two girls, who although aren't my best friends yet, I know that it won't be long before we are. 

I just can't believe that in less than a year,  I've finally being able to scratch the dream of a hope that I thought would never happen. A hope for pure bliss, friendship and family, but most of all love. 


  1. happy birthday! lovely lovely post, it made me smile and get that warm fuzzy feeling.

    I love the colours of your blog how it's all so calm and soothing. (:

    overall, loveee your blog! haha
    xo scarzz

  2. happy birthday! this is so lovely, and that bouncy castle house is amazing! not long til im 16 now xo

  3. happy birthday beautiful blogger twin! i'm glad you had a good birthday! i hope those 2 friends soon become very close, because you deserve the most lovely friends in the world!

    i love your blog always & forever.
    happy sweet 16, once again.

  4. Happy very belated birthday dear! My birthday was earlier this month as well! Hhahahah do you feel a bit old? I definitely do. I can hear my spine cracking.

  5. happy birthday i love the pictures and your blog!



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