Monday, December 5

I have a glass filled with Summernade

 Summer has finally graced my doorstep and my schoolbooks are all closed. Christmas is only twenty days away and I finish school forever in less than a year. That's right, I'm in Year 12 next year...therefore this is my last Summer School Holidays! To both celebrate and mourn this phase in my life, I decided to create a list of skills to perfect.

1. Learn to whistle with my fingers.
2. Create a new habit.
3. Make a movie/animation.
4. Perfect my evil laugh.
5. Run 8 km ( which I've just realised I completed this morning).
6. Find a new way to scare people.
7. Know the ins and outs of an odd animal and/or country.
8. Be able to say, "would you like a cup of tea," in 5 different languages.
9. Learn how to crochet.
10. Master a new recipe (suggestions so far are, meringues, curry, ginger bread, wonton soup)
11. Perfect several vintage hairstlyes, (20's, 30's, 40's, 50's etc).
12. Learn how to origami.
13. Write a short story.
14. Perfect the art of letter writing.
15. Learn guitar.
16. Mash potatoes to perfection.
17. Create the perfect batch of meringues.
18. Learn a song in clap.
19. Create a new colour.
20. Learn how to belly dance.
21. Construct the most fool proof plan for world domination.
22. Learn how to make caramel balls.
23. Create the longest pencil shaving...ever!
24. Find a new funny face.
25. Continue for the perfectly imperfect guy.
26. Tie a shoelace into the shape of a bird.

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  1. Your list sounds absolutely wonderful. I'm addicted to list-making as well - but lately it's been all school work to-do lists.

    I can't wait for the holiday break.


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