Saturday, February 2

Murder In The City

This past week I've been volunteering at the local Endeavour place. It's a big factory that takes recycled goods and puts them to use. It also mostly hires intellectually disabled workers. It's been one of the most fantastic weeks of my life. Not only are the supported workers hilarious and amazing, but so are the supervisors. They're just a great bunch of people to be around. I thought that maybe it would be one of those life changing experiences that would just rearrange my whole perspective. It has, don't get me wrong, it just hasn't made me love my family any more than I do. Or those 'friends'. I still feel in a major rut, just stuck in the same feelings and actions. I've tried to change and show my family I can be different, but then they just hold me to my old self.
It's so amazing how quickly people can be to cage you, even if they complain about how horrible you are. How quickly we are to hold each other to 'our' personalities.

I just need to escape from here. Them.

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  1. It's good to hear from you again Felicity.

    I completely understand that feeling of people caging in. I hate that people have so many expectations about how you are supposed to act or how they expect you to fail. I find that it is easier to ignore the older and older you get, maybe because it is easier to run away from everything when you are older.


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