Monday, November 18


So tonight I was gifted by mother nature with a baby turkey. It had wandered too close to home and my pets had been trying to attack it, so we saved the dear little thing. 

We've learned from this experience, that baby turkeys released from their nest at 3 weeks to tackle their worlds on their own. At 3 weeks they have the instincts needed to survive, for example, foraging and flying. 

I have dubbed the turkey Poncho, and we will be returning them to nature tomorrow morning. I feel a little sad about this. After caring for it this evening, I've grown quite fond and proud of Poncho. They've managed to successfully fly across my room and I've managed to successfully give it water through an eye dropper. I'm worried that it'll be eaten by something else or that it will feel lonely and scared.

If this is what I'm like after one evening, I cannot even bear the thought of what it might like when I have my own little human terrors/darlings. For the day that I would have to let them go into the big world on their own, after spending years raising them. Being born a worrier, I'd probably spend most nights awake doing just that. I wonder how it feels for my own mother, who already has two who have left the nest. I wonder what it feels like when they call her for advice or share with her about some not so great moments. Does her heart ache a little, wishing she could be right there giving them a hug? 

I suppose this is life, something we all must live and in some times, endure. 

I know deep down Poncho will be alright, that they'll find their way and their life will be what it is meant to be. I'm grateful, for this short time that I've had with them. Sometimes it's the small things that open our eyes in a big way.

P.S. To all the kind souls that gave their beautiful words of support and advice, I thank you. It is those comments that remind me of how amazing this world can be. That even people I've never met can be so willing to help me.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Self-love is not something I'm good at, but I aim to get better.


  1. I am glad you are doing better and OMG baby turkey that is SO CUTE!! One of my dreams is to have a pet chicken or duck hahhaah.

  2. Thank you love, for your comment, it was really sweet.
    That baby turkey is really cute.


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