Wednesday, March 24

Why, hello there...

        Yes, yes it's still me. Some may be wondering why I now have a new blog, honestly...i have no all. I guess I wanted to break free of my old one. I know I could of just erased my settings, did a bit of stuff here and there, but it still wouldn't of felt right. So there, thats my answer.
         Since I now have a new blog, I want to introduce some things, like from now on I will complete tags once a month. Starting from April, so for the tags they are still waiting from my old blog, can you please please hold on just a little longer. I promise, I will get them done. I'm also thinking of doing the 365 Day project, but if I do it will start on my birthday, which is only less than a month away. Very, very exciting.

Also, for the images that are displayed on the blog, I will  put links. As for this one, I've accidently lost the link. So if it belongs to you please say so. I also might include my photography too, but I'm not sure yet.

whats your favourite place for images?


  1. welcome welcome lovely miss felicity!

    you have you're first blogger tag.

    go forth and inspire! :)


  2. Hello Felictiy. I followed your other blog, and I am your first follower, I feel so priveleged! :)
    Haha I'm sure you'll get all of your followeres back though.
    I just gave you 2 award, so here's the link:
    I'm glad you're back to blogging, you have one of my favorite blogs. :)

  3. <3 I will continue to follow you on this blog hehehe. It must be the feeling of spring in the air - everyone is changing blogs <3


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