Thursday, April 1

April Tag-Ness.

       Just like I said, here is the first tags of the month. Back in March I was lucky to be given THREE awards so here they are;
The first two were given to me by Abby, who has the cutest blog.

1. Accept the awards, post them to your blog along with the person who granted them and their blog link.

2. Pass the awards to blogs you really like. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for these awards!

The blogger I would like to pass these awards too is this girl from drinking in the morning sun, I've only just discovered her blog, but I love it and it's a great little read.

The other blog is from the loveliest of people, Erimentha, I'm pretty sure most of you would of heard of her, but if you haven't please visit, her blog is truly inspiring.

The tag is to say where you will be in 10 years time,
I tag.......Lizard, despite her blog name, she is far from evil and is in fact the most loveliest person ever. Her photography and words are so brilliant and will capture you for hours.
In ten years time I will be;
older, wiser, photographer, wife, mother of two, living in New Zealand, enjoying life, stopping and smelling the roses, happy, caring, well travelled, surrounded by friends and family, more cultured.and
                                                I hope to achieve as much as my Grandmother; Beatrice, who in her lifetime, achieved so much, not just for herself, but for her community. To being one of the first female band leaders, being awarded Order of Australian medals, for both music and youth. She also directed and played the music for so many Towers Players productions. To raising a family of five children in the country and still managing to drive into town every week to conduct band rehearsals (even in when the bridge was flooded, she would then swim across). She also managed to achieve at the young age of 21, A levels in piano, which was a big thing in her time.
This is where I hope to be in ten years time.
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  1. Thanks. :)
    You deserve all of the awards you get.

  2. :) congrats on all the awards!

    don't worry about being a bad blogger friend! i love you blog always and you seem like such a caring and sweet person!

    i simply ADORE your layout and background by the way, CUTE AS.

    talk soon my blogging friend,
    eri xxx

  3. hello dearest felicity :)

    oooooh how exciting, a new little blog!! and congratulations on the awards, you definately deserve them!

    your grandmother sounds like an amazing lady. what a wonderful person to have as a role model and to learn from.

    i hope you are well :)

  4. loved reading this :)
    great picture on the end too!
    love your blog
    stop by some time xx


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