Sunday, April 25


On the 18th April 2010, I, Felicity Caitlin Doyle turned 15. I also started my very own 365 day project just like the Dead Lizard. (who has an amazing blog). So far I managed to take a photo everyday. Here are the pictures from my first week;;;;;

day one; my birthday cake.
day two; the washing, it's my way of showing my brother's home again.
day three; term 2, day one.
day four; the toys my brother brought back from Japan.
day five; I'm afraid I couldn't show, as it's a picture of a little girl I know.
day six; A pumpkin flower.
day seven; My work, I worked 8 hours that day.
day eight; The Pioneer Cemetery. 

{edit} sorry the photo's are pretty lame, in subject, quality, framing etc, I'll get better, just give me time. Thank-you.


  1. such pretty photos ♥ and a great idea. xxx

  2. Yay, I can't wait to see all of your pictures!
    And I love the toys photo!

  3. cute blogg. and merry belated birthday Xx

  4. what a beautiful idea!


    xoxo lots of love,

  5. ahhhh you are amazing for keeping it up! ahahah i have taken such a long hiatus on my project. I hope to continue. Your pictures are beautiful! Keep taking pictures.

  6. I think 365 projects are such an amazing way to document life's everyday beauty.


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