Tuesday, April 27

middle week musings.

'Bueller,    Bueller,     Bueller'
Everyone must see this movie, it is one hell of a corny classic, LOVED IT!

In other exciting news, on Monday at precisely 10:38 (okay not really, just taking a guess) I (yes me!) was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald about poetry! Because they are doing an article about writing and getting kids encouraged, and sometime last year I won a contest so they interviewed me. Kind of surprising really because I live aaaaaaages away from Sydney, and I come from a country town. But overall majorly exciting. Except for the fact my dearest mother sent them the most embarrassing photos'. I'm just praying they don't make it in!

Is it sad that I kind of believe her words? What is love? Everyone says they love cake, shoes, boyfriends they've had for a day, the smell of rain. Just curious, what is love to you?

And to all the people out there;


  1. thank you dearest <3

    love is when you're happy, but mostly you are sad. that's when you feel the most. Xx

  2. All of those things are love. But love is always the best when you have someone to share it with. ♥
    And congratulations on getting interviewed; that's awesome!

  3. I don't really know what love is...i don't know..

  4. Hmm... I have a very ambiguous relationship with the concept 'love'. I don't think I believe in everlasting love between two people, but I do believe in falling in love... I do it quite often actually, I fall in love with strangers and pretty words and leaves shivering in an autumn breeze. Perhaps 'love' isn't the right word to describe such things, but it warms my heart nonetheless.

  5. I found this poem which I think explains what love really is if you'd like to read it...

    (p.s. I love your cassie's therapy post above, I've done one on my blog too :)


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