Monday, April 12


hap:py (adjective)

life beauty friends laughter family my best friend school (is apparently the best years of you life.) art photography flavoured milk ice-cream dresses Molly (dog) Sooty (cat) Ginger (chook) Boots (chook) Albino (chook) my name (it says so in some dictionaries) flowers new shoes reading writing poetry movies walking running eating cooking blogging tumbling smiles  new followers love and life.

That to me is the definition of happiness, it's the little things that when added together pull us through those bad times.

What makes you happy?


  1. Hmmm a lot of things make me happy: food, letters, rainbow, glitter, blogging, drawing, viola's, ice cream, turtledoves, warm socks, sleeping in the suns, no exams, secret diaries, cleaning, spring, summer, life!

  2. ICE CREAM <3

    ahaa thats the best thing in life :D
    I love your blog! & thanks for the comment :D x

  3. Lots of things make me happy. Like you said all of the little things equal one big ball of happiness.

  4. hello there, sorry for the very very late reply! thank you very much for the comment on my blog, i will proudly post the award from you on my blog. i must say your blog is lovely and the little intro on the left is truly inspiring. keep up the great posts x


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