Saturday, May 15


Yes I'm still alive, even though it doesn't always seem that way. Well what can I say this past week and a half has been just a tad bit too busy. I've been given about six hundred assignments at the same time and all of them are due at the same time. Plus juggling two musicals has been quite an enjoyable experience. And how could we forget work, the one that provides me with money. 

And yet all I've wanted to do is just go here:

With friends

and spin around in circles

and just laugh the day away

Man it would be so good to do that.

P.S. I like you guys, seriously you just make my day.

Nabilah Hazirah, I know it's late, but here it is.


  1. lovely pictures great post i like them

  2. i so agree! that would be so amazing:) grr damn the craziness of school- i am so sick of al these assignments! love your blog dearie - following - have a great weekend

  3. I've been very busy too! :)
    Enjoy this beautiful weekend.

  4. ohhh i love this!!!

    your just made a little extra sunshine in my day!thank you!

  5. Hi :-)
    You've got an award! Hop over tomy blog for a look ♥

  6. I just finished my finals! (10 exams in 2 weeks = death) I hope all your work goes smoothly and finishes up nicely. After school is over, lets dance in the field and blow bubbles at cows and sleep the day away!

  7. Pretty pictures! I'm loving your blog

  8. Such a happy, hopeful post; I love it!


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