Thursday, May 6

I really want to ask,

Because we don't do it enough, all I want to do right now is go somewhere where time doesn't exist, where even the mountains don't know where we are, and all I want to do with you is, breathe. Just simple breathing, no words, nothing at all. Because I don't need your words, I just need your company.


  1. Yes.Having someone by our side is maybe the only thing what we need right now.

  2. Ahhh yes that would be nice; just to go lay somewhere. Alone or with someone, it doesn't matter.
    All I need is the clouds.

  3. beautiful felicity!
    your blog just keeps getting nicer and nicer!

    this is such a pretty post...i wish he'd lie with me...:'(


  4. You bring some peace to my racing heart. Beautiful post.

  5. all i ever want to do. have someone by yourside and forget anything wrong, breathe in the sky and find where you belong...

  6. I love the song that goes with those lyrics.
    Really pretty blog!


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