Friday, June 25

Just some pictures and some words.

A get to know me inspired by this picture so here it goes;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I am glad to be on holidays
I keep all of the letters I receive.
I wish I could fly, because who doesn't?
I love photography so much, without it I would literally die.
I dance like a person who has two left feet.
I sing all the time because it makes me happy.
I think the world would be a better place if we weren't so judgmental, including me.
I really wish I would watch the Skins series.
I need to roll with the punches more.
I should say more compliments aloud, I always think them I just never express them.
I can act the entire Lady Macbeth letter soliloquy off by heart.
I like drawing random little pictures.
I make everything more dramatic than it seems because thats who I am.
I always love seeing my Great Auntie Jessie.

This isn't a tag but if you want to do it go ahead. Just leave me a note I would love to see your answers.  


  1. This is so cool, you could definitely turn it into a tag.

  2. Aw I love those pictures.
    I'll just do it right here for ya!

    I am...enjoying my summer.
    I keep...any cute little trinkets I ever find.
    I wish I the piano.
    I love...your blog! Lol.
    I dance...when any song I really like comes on the radio.
    I sing...when I know the every word to a song...hey that doesn't mean I CAN sing though.
    I think...people just need to mind their own business, keep the peace, and just dance more often.
    I really...can't wait for the Jonas Brothers/Demi concert!
    I need...some more posters for my room.
    I more veggies.
    I can...say my ABC backwards since the age of 2. I don't remember learning them, and I don't have to repeat it every so often so I don't forget's just there.
    I eat, tweet and blog.
    I make...everything more COMPLICATED.
    I always...have my camera and chapstick with me.


  3. That's actually a really good idea for a tag! You should turn it into your very own!

  4. Heheheh! I love that pictures so much hahaha. Wow you can recite the whole Lady Macbeth letter! Very impressive. I am not a great fan of Shakespeare, but I memorized Hamlet's "Alas! Poor Yorick" speech! I am glad that your Aunt Jessie is doing well ^^

  5. oh! I've done this before. :)

    Here's my link:

  6. this so cool! i gonna this sometime soon! :)


  7. What a lovely idea! I really liked reading your answers. I also need to start verbalising my compliments instead of keeping them to myself!

  8. oh, I just did this. It was fun actually :)
    here's the link:

    thanks for the idea!


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