Friday, July 2

It has be confirmed.

Yes I have dropped off planet completely, because quite frankly Earth was boring me. Still is actually. The only exciting event to happen, was the shopping spree at Tree of Life, Endeavor and Lifeline. I'll post photos later. So all in all these holidays are a bit of a dud.

On the plus side it has given me a chance to start planning ideas, and gathering heaps and heaps of inspiration (more like a excuse to go on weheartit) for my new bedroom. Here is my inspiration.

So yeah, sorry for the rather boring post, but I'm kind of in a gloomy mood - my jaw is dislocated and the sun has also fallen of the planet.


  1. My school holidays go for two weeks, and actually doesn’t officially start until next week. I only got this week off since 90% of the people at my school were at work experience, and because of that, the only class we would do work in is math. And I hate math.

  2. No please don't kill me ;)
    I love alll of those rooms!
    But my favorite is the 2nd and 3rd!

  3. Weheartit is so terribly addicting. I went through a phase like that too - right when I got home from college the first thing I did was revamp my room hahaha. I hope your jaw un-dislocates itself and the sun returns in the morning :) Cheer up dear!

  4. inspirations is absolutely amazing:) so glad for the hols right now!

  5. I hope you feel better soon. Your post wasn't too gloomy, the rooms were lovely...

  6. ooo...sorry about the dislocated jaw. How did that happen?

    Any of those would make a wonderful bedroom.


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