Sunday, July 18

It wasn't my fault.

The internet went down yesterday so I couldn't do my challenge, so to make up for it this is going to be a wee bit longer than usual.

Day 5.  {My Dreams}

Well, this can sort of be interpreted into two ways. 
1. The dreams you have when you sleep
2. Your hopes, goals and all that jazz.

If I was to talk about 1. well it might just freak out and bore people a little. My dreams are either about some really freaky, scary stuff. Like the time I had a dream about seeing all these dead kids bodies. Or they are just realistic and most times I wake up believing that all the nonsense that happened in these dreams is real. Sometimes I wake up relieved that they are just that, dreams.

But if it was number two I was supposed to write about then it would be simple-ish. To be happy and to hopefully make it as a photographer.

Day 6. {A stranger}

It's kind of funny that this is one of the challenges, because in just a couple of days I will have 3 in my house. My family are Rugby Union mad, it's actually how my parents met and at this moment my brother is at rugby trials. So because of this Rugby Union thingo, we will have 3 Irish rugby players staying at our house. I'm really excited because I think Irish accents are really hot. But this challenge I think was intended for the person to right about one stranger. Which is kind of hard because we are surrounded by them, every single day. I'm about to go to work soon where I will serve stranger after stranger. And trust me some of them are really strange. But my best memory of a stranger was of an old lady. I was about eight and I was buying my first ever magazine (I think it was Total Girl or something), and I had saved up for it. But just as I was about to pay for it I realised I was 20 cents short (yeah I was a pretty poor). So this lady gave me the twenty cents, I was grateful. I love people like that.


  1. Sometimes I wish I could hear the Irish accent as a non-Irish person, cos I'd just love to hear what it sounds like to others..

  2. My dreams are either extremely scary, or extremely lovely. One time, I had a dream that I buried my own body. I was happy it was a dream. My lovely dreams make me very happy.
    I love nice people. The last quote makes me smile.
    Have a great Sunday.



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