Saturday, July 10

Just a little bit of nuttering.

Dentist appointments today - 1
Conversations with friends - 0
New neighbours - 1
The most cutest sight of seeing your dog and cat sleeping together on the same chair - 1
Wearing of the blue skirt - Too many to count.
Shifts I've worked this week - Only 2, but I have heaps next week.
Days left of holidays - Not enough.
Sightings of cute boys - Sadly not many.
Seen Toy Story 3 - 1

I can't wait to go back to school, but at the same time I don't want to because I don't have much longer there. 
But I really really need to see my friends, and to get away from the family. Plus I miss Art, just not the art teacher. As well as Drama and English. But I'm definitely not looking forward to Maths. Once again I'm seated with boys, and not with my mates. I'm in front of them, but if I talk I get in trouble. 

I still can't believe I only have 2 terms left at a school I've been at for 11 years. But I know I have to leave, I can't be a photographer if I stay. Plus boarding would be way to expensive. It sucks. 

*Stole the idea of a book I just read, How to lose your fairy.
** Oh and Hello! to my new followers. =)


  1. I love that second picture(:
    And I know what you mean about ready to go back to school, but sort of not. I know that as soon as school starts, everything will get stressful again, because I try really hard in school.
    I'm starting high school.
    4 more years to go.
    Ha thanks for following me!

  2. Pretty pictures!! :) Following you for more! :)

  3. As always your blog is super gorgeous! I love the third picture - Why must we rush through life? Why can't we savour the precious moments? That's so true. Enjoy your final two terms of school! x

  4. Me too. I can't wait to go back to school, but I don't want to go back.
    Your blog is lovely.


  5. Oh my gosh, I feel exactly the same. I miss my tea breaks during school and the gossiping and the girlyness. Summer is making me realise why I'm glad I go to an all girls school.

    I'm scared to leave :(

  6. hello!

    awww...everyone needs conversations with friends.

    good luck to you! (in sightings of cute boys, friends, art, school, photography)


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