Friday, August 13

Dat 11 - A deceased person you wish you could talk to.

I just realised that's how I posted day 11, or should I say dat 11...oh gosh I am corny.

Well I only really know one deceased person, and that's my Narnie (or grandmother to some). I know I could choose a famous person or something but it wouldn't make a difference, I'd only ask the same questions, like where the gilligans do we go? and What does it feel like to die? But if it was Narnie I'd probably have a good old chat about the weather and how life is now and ask if she's happy. She'd most likely will say she'd be happier if  Granddad was there, they were together for over 60 years and they met at school.

P.S. Gay marriages might be back on in California for me info click on this little link, which I personally think is a good idea as I don't find it fair that they don't have the same rights regardless of the fact that love is love.

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