Saturday, August 14

this is the bad side of memories.

Day 12: Someone who you hate/caused you a lot of pain.

I don't hate people I just can't but there is someone that did cause me a lot of pain. It was back in year 3 & 4, there was this girl and her name was...lets make it Holly Locket. This Holly Locket used to tease me relentlessly (about my mum and my weight) and copy everything I do (yes I was a sook about that) and throw things at my friends (like unripe mangoes, rocks, sticks). I would then go home and cry every afternoon and all that jazz. In the end karma got her back, but it still hurt. I still can't hate her for what she did though, her family life was a bit messed up and she had a mental disorder.

wow, that was one choppy paragraph...oh well.


  1. You are a generous kind person.

  2. You are nice. Don't let anyone get to you. Everywhere we go, there will be someone that doesn't understand the beauty of life, and other's feelings.
    We can only promise to remain calm, and lovely.
    Have a good weekend.


  3. i like your banner..

    wanna exchange link and follow me??

  4. I agree with Tywo. We just have to remain calm.
    You're a really lovely person.


  5. Paper is an appropriate place to hate someone. Then we move on...


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