Sunday, August 29

sometimes life is just shit

One of my best friends who is a boarder left school early today, she had to go home. But you know the worst thing, she was going home because her Dad is probably going to be dead in about 3 weeks time. He has had cancer since about February and it's getting worse, and shit I have no idea what to do. I didn't even know what to say, I felt numb and shit when she told me. Her Dad was like my second Dad for years when we were in primary and used to live at each other's places. I can't even imagine him being gone, he was so alive. He's a true aussie, in physique and mental, even though the he lost the physique part with the cancer, but his personality didn't. I haven't seen him since he's had cancer, but my friend would tell me regular stories about what he would get up too, and I knew myself that he wouldn't change. But sometimes I wish life would just leave the good people fucking alone. 

"Be prepared for the worst, my love, for it lives next door to the best." 
 Melina Marchetta (Finnikin of the Rock)


  1. Oh hon, that's so terrible. I always get so angry when I hear about innocent people being given the worst of lives. Hold on, cry if you need to, and be there for your friend.

  2. That's so sad.
    My amazing Great Aunt Bonnie just died.
    She didn't deserve it.
    She was the greatest person.
    But she really is in a better place.
    She's probably looking down on all of us and pitying us.
    I'll pray for him.

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  4. im so sorry blogger twin.
    that's truly awful. i can really understand, cancer is a bitch.

    i guess your friend will just take the time and spent it with her beautiful dad, and i know you'll be a great friend along the way.

    let me know if you need anything...xoxox


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