Tuesday, August 31

the warm, gooey feeling you get inside

Little things that make a big difference;
Clean sheets
Clear skin
A square of chocolate
A good grade on your assignments
When you hair sits just right
Random people saying you look/smell nice
Finishing a collage/drawing in one art lesson
When something in math makes sense
Developing film right
When your work experience boss loves you and is fun
A random stranger smiling back at you
Simba; the new kitten
New purple suede shoes
My first subscription of Frankie coming in the mail
film, film, FILM
Buying a new pair of gorgeous floral flowy pants

;;;;;;these are my own images that were made into Polaroids using this thing-a-ma-bob off the internet so please do not use them without my permission.  
;;;;;;and yes I have given up the 30 day challenge, I really need my blog back. 
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and no I haven't replied to your comments, I'm what people describe as lazy, but I'll try and be better. 


  1. Yes some of those simple things do make a big difference! :)
    I love that 3rd poloroid!
    Haha that's okay! (About the challenge & commenting.)
    Great post!

  2. Love your polaroids so much! And I approve of your list hahaha.

  3. Haha, I decided to give up on the 30 day challenge too! It was fun in the beginning but after a while I got sick of it. :/ Aww, I love that list! Ooh! Frankie is awesome! I'm going to buy the new one asap! The polaroids are awesome! I've got that program too, its so cool! xx

  4. Aw I can relate to many of the things listed. Sometimes its the little things in life that makes everything ok again. Love your pictures too. And, oh, I must follow of course!

    xx Carina

  5. Clear skin is a big thing. That makes a gigantic difference.


    Lovely post.


  6. yay! frankie (:

    i love this post!

    come by sometime?


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