Wednesday, August 18

this is me.

I found this in my dictionary just now, but I completed it in year 8.

I am a child.
I am all things of my past.
I am the face of my mother.
I am the chatter of my Narnie, who never stopped talking.
I am all I see,
People walking with their heads high
Trees as tall as the sky
The birds that live in the tree outside the window
People talking on their mobiles
Crimes in every newspaper
I am all I hear,
Birds and grasshoppers chattering
Laughter of little children
Music blaring from cars
Rustle of the leaves
I am all I feel and taste,
Hot, sweat days paired with cold, cold nights
Sweet, delicious ice-cream
The beautiful cool breeze touching my face
Hard, hot ground
Tasteless, cold water
And all I remember,
Days spent at the park
Endless Christmas days' spent at Trafalgar
The times spent at Eventide, visiting a lady I barely knew
The laughter shared after many jokes
I am all I've been taught,
I before e, except after c
And that smoking will only kill
I am all I think,
Bizarre thoughts and dreams
Endless worrisome thoughts
I am all those things
I'm like a bed.
And these things are my blankets.
But one day I'll wash them.
And be free. 
Because I am the woman of the future.

If you would like to do this little thing, just let me know I love seeing the creativity of others.


  1. this is wonderful

  2. You were a good writer even as a itty bitty child! ;)
    It's really great and relatable!

  3. *an itty bitty child.
    Sorry I always hav to fix my grammar mistakes!


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