Tuesday, September 14

To Tigger.

Dear Tigger,
Even after 11 years of hardships and the one of the biggest coming yet (when I leave our nest), never in my worst nightmares was this supposed to happen. I feel like I've lost him too, and on Father's day too, I can't even comprehend how horrible that would feel. But I thought I would just like to remind you of one of my greatest memories of your father.
I think we were eight or ten, and it was his birthday and so we snuck into his bedroom. And loud and proud
 (and maybe slightly scared) we started singing:

Happy Birthday to you,
Your a hundred and two,
You smell like a flower
(after a slight hesitation) but you don't look like one too.

All your Dad did was just laugh and 'yell' at us, we just ran away screaming and laughing. He was amazing and would still be today if it wasn't for the cancer. So even though you probably won't read this I just want to say I'm here for you, to laugh and cry as we remember an amazing and thoughtful man.

Love me.

R.I.P Murray 'Hog' Jones - may you drink it up.


  1. :( That's so sad. Just keep the good memories in mind though.


  2. I'm..really really really sorry. I know that words from a stranger can't mean alot, but I am. Keep going, I love reading you blog. x.

  3. Oh, and I passed an award-tag onto you on my bloggy :)

  4. *hugs*

    I know it's not much, but it's what I have to offer.


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