Tuesday, October 12


Sweet, delicate dreams,
makes slumber a pleasant thing.
Drifting on a boat.

A raging monster,
hides inside of me and you.
When will it come out?

Ice-cream is lovely,
there are so many flavours.
Milkshakes are good too.

So yes we've been learning about haiku's in English, quite entertaining when you get into the spirit of it. My last musical has finished, leaving me with a total of four. Had the usual mishaps happened, then some out of the blue. But overall it was pretty okay. Found out that I'm in love with pineapple mentos and Pasito. And basically my life is boring...but on the plus side I get to watch Glee, Packed to Rafters now =).


  1. I really love haikus...it feels like they're more about a simple idea than themes and fancy language and imagery.
    I particularly love the last one..ice-cream is the shizz. <3

  2. I love haikus, they are so gentle and don't over crowd your mind.
    I love the pictures! The last one made me giggle!

  3. I really like them! Bravo!
    And the second picture is amazing. <3


  4. Pineapple mentos ayy? I've never seen them before but they sound a-mazing! tehe.
    The blue ice lolly... is that bloo from foster home for imaginary friends by any chance?? It doesn't matter how old I am, I shall always, always love that show ;)

    Lovely blog hun (:

  5. suuuch a cute blog!! love it!

  6. Haiku's are really quite sweet! ♥
    YUM, I've never tried pineapple mentos (maybe I have? Hmm...) but Mentos' are just the best!

  7. i love the monsters picture/quote
    i really adore this post
    with love,

  8. hahaa! WOW! your blog looks fantastic beautiful felicity!!!! totally amazing!!!!! you've come so far! i love the haikus too

    xxxxx <3 (sorry im gushing so much love)

  9. what a lovely blog :) maybe you could stop by the way :) kisses, Irena <3

  10. hey flick (is it alright if i call you that?)

    thanks for your comment, i did my grade 6 sax exam and i think i passed, but i dont know the result yet. its really cool you do music exams too. we both must be super creative in music and blogging areas hey? ;)



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