Sunday, October 24

So yeah.

So last night I walked, zumabaed  (now I want it so BAD!!!), ran, danced like drunken person with no legs and sung my heart out all for the sake of cancer. I also had a heart to heart with two of my besties, and shared tears of lost ones and lost moments. Oh it was Relay for Life by the way, we dressed up as Cowboys and Indians, I went as a Cowgirl, there was an Alice In Wonderland team and their outfits were AWESOME. I did Relay for Life for my best friends Dad who passed away this year on Father's Day, so in his name I wrote 'Hog, Drinking In Heaven' on my legs and arms. 

But this isn't what I wanted to post about, I need some opinions. Two actually, 
1. Your views on religion (I'm don't know what I am but I'm curious to see what you believe in) 
2. And your views on swearing on blogs. (This is after seeing a couple of comments from people who disapprove of it.)



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  2. My views on religion? I am a catholic. My mother makes sure we attend mass every weekened. Sometimes I tune out, sometimes I ponder whether god is out there, after all the bad that is evident in the world, how could he let these things happen?. But, in the end I realise, if he is real or not, religion can bring out the best in people. People who are sick or who have a hard life. Faith is the only thing they know that will always be there no matter what, and this gives them hope. Without religion, I believe the world would be more corrupted then it is today.Because without the life lessons and values the bible and Jesus taught, whether one believes in the bible and jesus or not, there wouldnt be so many kind and caring people, who for example help others, the environment etc We would exist without a conscience of knowing whats right and whats wrong. There wouldnt be love.

    As for swearing on blogs, I dont really mind at all, as long as its not offensive to anyone i suppose.

    xx Carina

  3. Like Carina, I'm catholic as well. I go to church, I pray. There are a lot of bad things happening in the world, but in the midst of all the bad things there are a lot of good things too. God is in the little things we do, like when people open the door for you, or when you share the sunset with someone. I guess you just have to believe.

    Swearing on blogs... It's ok as long as it's not excessive.

  4. I love all of these images. My views on religion are quite complicated. I am getting ready to go to church now, and I want to believe what they tell me. brain can't always accept such absolute beliefs when no one knows for sure..

    Swearing on blogs depends on what the blog stands for. If it is a sweet blog that you would not expect it, then it can be a little uncomfortable, though I have no problem with swearing and do swear myself.

    Also, my blog is named Sleepyhead Musings. Funny how yours is life in musings. Love it. Xoxo.

  5. Seeing as I live in Greece I am an Othodox - or so it is written in the papers. To be perfectly honest, I don't go to church, mostly because many priests frustrate me but I do believe in God. In God only. And maybe Jeasus. But other than that, no I am not what one would say a "passionate" sort of Christian. I want to have faith but sometimes it's just so damn hard. But I'd better feel that there is a reason for now, for always, than say "Well, you know what? There is no reason. We all might as well die and there won't be a difference." Okay, maybe that was a bit far-fetched but I hope you catch my drift. But I agree with J. Cee though. For example, the other day it was raining cats and dogs and there was this old lady with no umbrella. I was hurring for my class but I still took her as far as I could. She told me "You don't know how happy you make Jeasus right now." I was caught back mostly because I never thought anyone would see God in someone helping them out, being human. Did she see me as someone sent from God? I honestly don't know. I never thought in these days anyone would make such a link. That there are still people so... pure.
    Do I even make sense?
    Swearing in blogs. I don't have much of a problem, as long as it's not excessive. I mean, a blog is after all a personal space, right?

  6. I believe in the oneness of God. I am a Muslim. I'm happy and proud to be one. I probably don't behave like other believers, but only me truly understands my relationship with God.
    Swearing..I have never really noticed it. I don't really have a problem with it as long as we all respect each other.
    All my love.


  7. I would love to be an Indian. :)
    It sounds like you had a very nice time, for a very nice cause.

    Hahahaha I don't really care about cursing. I do it sometimes; it's not that big of a deal honestly.


  8. Dear Felicity,

    It sounds like you had an amazing time. Relay for life is one of the best things you can do!

    To answer you question:
    1. I am not religious. For me, the only thing I can believe in is myself. I take responsibility for all my actions, I decide where I want to go, and I am not afraid of where I will be taken in life. In terms of an afterlife, I don't really know xD Heaven or hell - I think I'd rather just go to sleep.

    2. I think it is okay to curse in real life, but in proper situations... Cursing on blogs is annoying. I use to use a few swear words, but I have cut them out completely: it's just not very pleasant.

    Happy Halloween

  9. hey love! fabbbity post :) sorry for the late reply. i havent been on blogger in ages, yeah i do know him :). not very well thoguh, not sure he knows who i am, but he's a really nice guy:) are you guys friends? have a great week dearie



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