Monday, February 28

A little thing in this world called Love.

What is love?
Is it true when they say it makes the world go round?
I just think it's sort of baffling how, even players and career people are searching for this thing called 'love'. We're constantly in love with some new obsession, we love our pets and that favourite movie. We love our family, although not necessarily like. We are constantly searching for someone to love us. I don't know what brought this on, but I guess it's because my mother and father found 'the one' in 5 weekends. My grandparents were practically engaged when she was sixteen. We (the cousins, family friends etc) have bets my brother and his current girlfriend are going to 'tie the knot' one day.
We all have this secret fear, that is up there with spiders and jelly, of ending up alone. I guess I'm also afraid because I never seem to 'like-like' guys for very long. And if I do, I freak before anything can happen. I guess I'm worried I'll end up alone because I'll be forever incapable of relationships. But then I kind of kick myself because I'm not even sixteen.

I've heard of this Greek myth (correct me if I'm wrong) about the creation of human beings. We were built as two people blended into one, but because Hercules feared our power he separated us. That is why we are forever searching for our other half.
I hope it's true because although it's slightly lovey-dovey for me, I still think it's a beautiful idea.


  1. Just chiiiiiiiiiil. You're very young. Don't try to look for your other half..they will come to you; you'll find each other. Don't OVERDO it. When you get a boyfriend, don't try to have feelings that's not even there if you don't love him. Don't force love. You'll find your one true love someday. You might meet him tomorrow; maybe in 10 years. Either way, don't worry and freak out about it.
    Just let love.


  2. One clue. I like ferrets.
    Felicity. I do indeed know what you're going through. Love is something that I am not adept at, nor have I much experience with it. But I do have experience with being hurt by it. So when someone says that the person will come one day or another, don't listen to them. They know nothing. They will not come to you, you must go to them. But don't exhaust yourself always looking for them. I've fallen in love twice. Both times I have been hurt. But the point is that I only know 80 000 people by sight maximum, in a city of 300 000, in a country of 21 000 000, in a world of 7 000 000 000. So really, there isn't any one guy that will be right for you. It's all about the time. And that time will come. Statistically it is certain, but you have the capacity to make it certain.

  3. I love this post XD I'm with you on finding love...I'm seventeen. *wince* No boyfriend to speak of, and most of the guys I know are morons...

    Lols XD


  4. oh felicity, your posts always make me so much happier, i'm so sorry that i haven't been commenting much lately :( life is so hectic! thanks for asking about my exam, do you mean my sax exam? i got a b+ :) :) :) what about you? how are you finding school/life in general? much love from your blogger twin, eri xxx ps. that greek myth made me smile, i love it!!!!!

  5. Actually, it was Zeus. but yeah, I like that myth too...
    This is one of my favourite posts. :)

  6. I think I've already found my other half, and I'm only fifteen... I know that sounds crazy, people always say "you're fifteen and sixteen, you're never going to last" but I just know that this isn't a short thing, we've discussed marriage, what we'll call our kids, and we barely ever fight. I'm just lucky, we're still very young, so that person is out there somewhere!
    I love that myth..
    I love your blog, actually! I just found it xo

  7. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, love's tough, but in the end it's worth the fall no?


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