Sunday, March 27

A Dreamless Society

We had this inspirational speaker, Glen Gerreyn, come in on Monday and he was so amazing. He told us his life story, and then went out to tell us how to reach our dreams.
One thing he pointed out was that there are two kinds of people who will try to steal our dreams away from us; one being those who love us.
I think it's sad how little space we have left to dream these days. I want to be a photographer when I'm older and I'm forever being told about how little income I will have and that I won't survive on photography alone. I think it's sad that when a teenager says they want be an actor, artist, or that they want to find the cure to the cancer everyone say's: "You can't". You can't survive on that income, you won't be discovered or it just isn't possible. Then they go on to suggest other career options. 
Well, what happens when those people stop dreaming? What happens when no one wants to be artists, actors or the ones to cure cancer, because everyone told them that they can't.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, never stop dreaming, please.

Ugh word vomit.


  1. SUCH a lovely post!:-) you really made me think, there!
    thank you for my sweet comment, your blog is beautiful!

  2. Wow, this was a beautiful post! Really inspiring<3

  3. Sometimes I think the problem is that the real world doesn't want us to dream because its hard to hold onto dreams when one is struggling in life. I'd want to keep dreaming though - always.

  4. I definitely agree. Do they think the inspirational people of today just listened to everyone when they said "You can't do it." No, they followed their dreams, and look where they are today.
    NEVER listen to them. You go be an artist! :]


  5. I often feel uncomfortable thinking of doing something a little bit out of the norm when I'm older. I try not to think of anything to crazy, because I might be dissappointed. Thank you for making me realise I need to learn to dream ♥

  6. And what of those who's dreams are the be something considered "small"? What if a person's deepest desire is to a churro vendor on the corner of a crowded New York street?

    In the end, money isn't worth much, is it? Isn't a big part of life just about how happy you were and how you (positively) impacted the lives around you?

  7. this is beauty,
    I will never stop dreaming. Because maybe I won't survive being an author or poet, but I'd be killing myself if I did something I didn't love, or at least try.


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