Monday, May 16

From this distance everything is so bloody perfect

I love;
Coco Rosie and Those Dancing Days, they are both amazing.
Handing in my History assignment.
D & Ming (deep and meaningful) at Relay for Life.
The man who donated 3, huge, handful of coins towards Relay for Life.
My hair, it's being lovely at the moment.
My friends.
Turtle and Lion.
Visiting a beautiful creek for a school excursion.
Growing up in a small country town in Australia.
Receiving the part of Frances Fluke, in Midsummers Night's Dream.

I dislike;
Finding the remains of a snake shedding it's skin...IN MY ROOM!
*Scratch one family member for planting that snake skin in my room, he's the evil one I swear.
My English Oral performance.
The pain after running too many laps without my orthotics.
It's week 3, Term 2, Year 11! I swear school just started, I don't want year 12 to come so fast.

I'll say it often but I'm going to say it again, LIFE IS SO AMAZING!

Wow, I'm cool.
*this was taken by this girl


  1. Those Dancing Days rock! Their music is so fun! Errrgh, time sure does move fast! I'm not too keen on the prospect of year 12 either! :O I'm glad you're well! <3

  2. It sounds like everything is going just fine for you! :D If you don't want to snake skin - I'll take it hahhahaha.


  3. hello lovely,
    please god CHANGE your comment button. i've told you before, we dont grin and bear it! we APPLAUD it!

    glad to hear things are going alright for you. god i cant believe we're in yr 11. yr 12 seems so close now...relay for life sounds like lots of fun. hope you made lots of money for a good cause. good luck with midsummers night dream, and give whoever put that snake skin in your room a good punch from me.

    much love to my blog twin,
    eri xoxox


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