Saturday, May 28

Life is a gift and so are memories.

I remember when we were little we had this blanket. It was green with blue patches, knitted by someone in our family. The pattern meant the blanket had a lots of holes everywhere, not big but big enough for you to wonder, how on Earth does it keep anyone warm? Despite the holes, it was the warmest blanket we owned and we used to fight over it relentlessly. Now, I don't even know where it is, maybe packed up in one of the boxes at the old house, or hiding at the bottom of the linen closet, waiting to be curled around our shoulders once more.


  1. yayyy! you changed your comment thing! good on you. i love your blog and i'm glad we make you smile, cuz you make US smile.

    this was a really sweet post. i love reflecting on childhood, sometimes it can be bittersweet though. the photo fitted perfectly.

    hope you have a nice weekend hun,

  2. you replied so quick, i thought i'd reply just as quick! hahaha sorry i guess i did kind of force you to change it, i hope you don't mind! ;)

    yeah i'll try and enjoy my weekend, through all the study :/ have you got yr 11 exams coming up too? or is my school just really awful?


  3. maybe you'll one day look for it and find it?
    Or maybe not, and just remember those times, leave the mystery and magic as it is.

  4. Awww, this is sweet. You should try and find it!

  5. one day you will find it and every memories will come back!

  6. oh my god, this made me smile so much (:

    it'll be such a good feeling if you find it, it'll be like snuggling childhood.

    sounds absolutely lovely.

    xoxox scarzz

  7. Your blog is so lovely :) I love the background.
    Great post, too!


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