Friday, July 1

Being Grateful.

About a month ago I started a 365 project dedicated to being grateful. I decided participate as for a while there I went through a slightly pessimistic stage and it was starting to effect my friends and my family. The aim of the project is to write down one thing you're grateful for each day, for 365 days. It can be small, large, medium, objects, people, places, food, anything you're thankful for. 

I'm grateful for;
1. Being alive.
2. The most amazing person my Father is. 
3. Light, because it allows me to see colours.
4. Having a protective older brother.
5. All the compliments people gave me on my photography.
6. Having peaches on top of my morning porridge. 
7. The cockatoos on the poles outside my house.
8. Open Day. Despite being hectic as anything, it was a blast!
9. The school bus driver, for a service I don't ride with, for stopping for me. 
10. For seeing Judy and John, because I haven't seen them in a while. 
11. For my mother helping me on my art assignment. 
12. Completing my math exam. 
13. Being elected Community Director in the Leo Club elections. 
14. My Mum's homemade mango chutney. Nothing beats homemade. 
15. Having a friend like Helena. 
16. Leah, for inviting me to Palm Creek. 
17. Meeting Clare, Ji and Shorna.
18. The free hugs from everyone. 
19. Palm Creek Folk Festival experience!
20. The lovely Duke of Edinburgh phone operator. He was friendly and lovely. 
21. For knowing someone like Narnie. 
22. Brett's compliments. 
23. The man with the beautiful smile, who let me go first. 
24. Cone-ing with Meaghan, Alana and Nathan. 
25. My Mum's wardrobe. 
26. The girl shuffling in the aisle at grocery shopping. 
27. Talking to Mum on the phone. 
28. The Italians, for inventing pasta! 
29. Knowing that people genuinely think I'm a nice person. 
30. H. O. L. I. D. A. Y. S!
31. Seeing everyone at Leo's dinner. 
32. Lying on the bed with Mum.
33. Spending the day at Rochelle's. 
34. Being home alone. 
35. Tom telling me that I'm beautiful. 
36. Megan, Rachel, and their Mother. 
37. The man in speedos, doing karate moves. It was hilarious. 

I encourage you to give it a try, buying a pretty journal helps. 


  1. I am sooo going to this!! Very very cool!!

  2. What a brilliant idea! I love pretty notebooks :)


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