Saturday, June 25

Letters to you...

Dear you,
I still remember the day that you said those words. I don't think I've ever been happier. But that confuses me.
I love my family, I just wish we were all together again, like we were this weekend. But I don't want us to be young. I think it's only now that we're apart that we truly understand each other. 
I want to know what makes people tick, 
I wonder if writing to you is strange. I wonder if the conversations inside my head are strange. Maybe they could be seen as more hopeful for better social skills when I'm around him. Because I'm not sure if I like him or just the mystery of him and his 'tick'. 
I wonder what it would be if we all didn't exist. There would be nothing. When I think these thoughts, it's as if they won't fit in my head. The idea of it is too large, or even the idea that maybe there is a parallel universe. Where we'd all be the opposite of who we are. People say it isn't possible, and maybe they're right. But then again, we've already figured out there's more than one universe. Maybe another Earth is already beginning and when we all die out, it will take our place. 
I don't know if I could believe in a God. But it's strange how many people here do.
I think everyone is beautiful. 
I wish my thighs were smaller and my arms less hairy. 
Lots of love, 
Fliss xoxo

I'm on holidays now, I hope to write more often, and more creatively. I hope that you can bear with me. 
P.S. I will return all of your lovely comments soon.  


  1. I like your writing! do you write songs also?

  2. wow, this is a fantastic post felicity. you should make it into a blogger tag, i would definitely have a go if you did! much love, xxx

  3. You're pretty much my blogging idol. Much love. xx

  4. Great Blog <3 <3



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