Sunday, July 10

Family moments.

I was just on the phone to my brother, hoping to get in touch with my Dad. My brother played a prank by saying my Dad had been in the city (where I am) all weekend, but eventually I figured out he was playing a prank and we got down to the message business.
Then he started to tell me this joke, but he forgot the punchline so he gave up. As he was hanging up he said,
 "I'll talk to you later,".
I know that isn't a big deal for some families, but I almost started blubbering, my brother has never said that to me before. Usually he's rushing to leave the phone.

And the other day, my brother showed me how to drive a manual. I'd already learnt, but in my other brother's car, which in short, is a complete and utter disaster of a car. He's an amazing teacher, showing me and explaining everything, that I almost felt confident enough to drive manual in a traffic jam. Almost.

I love my family all the way out of this galaxy, to infinity and beyond.
I'm grateful that I've finally learnt to cherish their amazingness.
I can't wait to create my own.

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