Monday, July 18

Dear You.

I started writing the 'Dear You,' letters at the start of the year, it was a form of release for me to clear my crowded head and ease the worries that were stealing my smiles. It was a way for me to build those new threads of thoughts and ideas into the ball of me today.
I posted one of my first letters here, after posting the lovely Erimentha suggested I should create a blogger tag. So I am.

I tag, Erimentha, because you commented on how much you'd love to do one, and also you gave me the idea.
         Dead Lizard, because I love her writing and her photography, and I'd love to read her interpretation. 
        and Tegan, because I think you're a pretty cool person. 

  'Dear You,' is most importantly a way of sharing your emotions, so there aren't many rules, except two, you must start with 'Dear You,',  and you mustn't name people, instead use pronouns, unless it is God or someone similar, I'm not good with religious idols. The rest are just suggestions, so you can include a opinion of your own about something, whether it is birthdays, our existence, abortion, or school, don't be afraid to make it known. Finally, you can include a wish, it can be for something personal, something for everyone, or something completely and utterly ridiculous. Oh, could you please link it back to me and comment when you have completed? I just can't wait to see how each and everyone of you complete this. 

Dear You,
I saw the silent man again, a little while ago. He was the one that always made me nervous, I don't know why, when I think back, his eyes held nothing but kindness. I saw him at the hospital, sitting outside with a lady who also came regularly. She didn't speak very much either. Maybe they're married, and the reason she didn't speak much was because being with a silent person she'd partly forgotten to, she'd learned to depend on her eyes, facial expressions, her body. They say 'silence is golden', but is it really? Yes, at times it is, when you're on the top of a mountain, or just lying side by side with a friend, or when your eating something delicious. But what happens when we forget to communicate? Or when we can't? I've always been told I have an expressive face, that my emotions are always clearly displayed. I wonder what would happen if I was a mute? Would people still understand my message, would they know that I love them, respect them?
I hope that we never forget to speak.
I wish for an apple a day to keep the doctor away.
Much Love,

P.S. I have updated my flickr, could you please check it out?


  1. You are so wonderful hahaha <3 I feel like I've been away from blogging for a really long time (summer is full of studying for me), but now that you've tagged me, you've given me an excuse to come out of my shell again hahha. I'll be posting soon.


  2. hey beautiful felicity,
    thank you so much for making this tag/tagging me! it's a really delicate and simple tag, but so complex. it's great. i really like how you wrote your letter. your observations of the couple are so sweet. i hope we never lose communication...

  3. oh you have such a cute blog!
    your letter was really sweet and meaningful - communication is so important :)

    have a lovely day xox


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