Tuesday, August 9

40 Hour Famine

Dear all you lovely people,
On the 19th August through to the 21st, I will be participating in an event called 40 Hour Famine. The aim of this event is to raise money for world hunger. Just $40 is enough to feed a family of five for a month! I've chosen to give up food, talking and furniture for the 40 hours. My aim is to raise $1500, which is enough to feed 37 families. The reason I'm telling all of you this is because I've created an online page. On this page you're able to donate and I was hoping that some of you may be able to reach into the depths of your pockets to help me reach my goal. My link is, http://40hf.com/FelicityDoyle95. 

Pleases and Thank-yous. 


  1. You are an amazing person. I hope you reach your goal!

    Also, its been awhile, but I finally finished my "Dear You" post. Sorry it took so long. Reality is taking up too much of my time =)


  2. oh good luck! i hope you reach your goal! I might try and get on there and donate some money sometime (of what few dollars i have left).

    that's such a big commitment, three things. it'll be amazing to see how it goes!

    all the best lovely,

    scarzz xoxo

  3. Wow, that's really impressive. Doing all three will be really hard but I'm sure you'll be fine and I hope you reach your goal :)
    Good luck felicity.


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