Thursday, July 28

I wish the sirens would just stop. I can't bare the thought that somewhere nearby, somebody might be going through an earth shattering, life changing crisis. The ones where you don't know how to breathe anymore and it feels as if life is just slipping through the fingers. 
I hope that for all of you, wherever you are, that a siren is not coming your way. 


  1. Oh wow. You really are amazing ♥

  2. When I think about that, I feel inextricably connected to people.

  3. I know what you mean, whenever I hear a siren I think and wonder so many things. I say a quick prayer that God will help whoever needs assistance get it as soon as possible. It is always upsetting to hear one!

  4. I think about the sufferings of others often....then I feel sad, hope they'll be okay and thank God for my life.
    Thank you for the well-wishes. I wish you happiness.



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