Wednesday, April 18


Today is my birthday, I'm seventeen, nothing too extraordinary. Pretty much just another day. So I guess I'll just share some facts about me - about who I am at this point in my life.

* I hate being mean, especially judgmental. I don't believe it's right to judge someone ever, because you never know what there life is truly like.
* People call me the happy, bubbly one, some say I should be a motivational speaker. 

* I'm thinking of being a palliative carer.
* I had anorexia in year nine and four years on I'm still recovering.

* It freaks me out sometimes that I'm a vegetarian, I still can't believe I actually gave up meat. I don't miss it though.
* I love to sing, and I love acting. 
* People call me crazy, but at the same I'm quiet.
* I hate, hate, hate telling people what's wrong - including my best friends. 

* I have trust issues, but I can't remember where they came from.
* I'm scared to fall in love, and don't believe any guy could love me.

* I really want to move to New Zealand and live there.
* I want to name my children Delilah and Noah.
* I believe in the Universe and Mother Nature. 

* I honestly believe in that everything happens for a reason.
* I have a Mum, a Dad, and two brothers, D and T.
* We had a Nanny to look after us when we were little because my parents worked full time, she's now what I call my second Mum. 

* I'm the youngest in my family.
* I love op shops.
* My favourite authors are Melina Marchetta, John Green, J.K. Rowling, Louisa May Alcott and Cornelia Funke. 
* I daydream a lot.

* My subjects at school are art, drama, english, math a, biology and history. 

I hope you have a lovely day and remember, it can and will get better, you just need a little hope.


  1. Happy Birthday girlie!

    P.S. Your school sounds awesome!

  2. Happy birthday :) I hope you had a really lovely day :) John Green is a brilliant author, he's a definite favourite of mine too :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! :) Snaps to wanting to live in New Zealand ;) xx

  4. Happy (extremely belated) birthday. From what you've written here, you seem like a truly lovely person. x

  5. Happy birthday! This was such a lovely post! I love learning all about you, especially about your future dream (palliative care, that's so honorable), your battle with anorexia and your nanny. Have you ever thought of writing a book about your life? I'd read it! How are you going with your recovery/how is yr 11 going? Also, thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I'll keep you in mind. As you say, you ARE motivational! ;) <3 x


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