Sunday, April 15


The Good:
* Of Monsters and Men ~ & ~

* Lisa Mitchell - Clean White Love
* Catching a bus for the first time ( I've never needed to before)
* Chilling with the twin
*Having conversations about unicorns with strangers
* Girly date with L & E 

* Love and Other Drugs ~

* Lovely work people
* Lovely customers
* Cute boys (especially the real life Peeta Mellark)
* Catching up with Ronnie 
* Grapefruit iced tea
* The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

The Bad:
* Judgmental customers

* Judgmental friends

* The monster inside of my head

* My blogging record
* Assignments on holidays
* Holidays ending
* Being tired all the time

The Ugly:
* Fucking Cancer


  1. Hang in there! If you ever want to talk just drop me a message <3

  2. It's nice to read a post by you again. I hope you're keeping well and the monsters in your head aren't too restless.


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