Sunday, August 26

Hello there...

I am in love with daffodils 
I keep forgetting to apply for the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC) 
I wish I could decide how I felt about Turtle
I love walking home from school along the river, the trees are huge and pretty
I dance like a crazy kid  
I sing only when I'm alone - I'm too afraid for others to hear.
I think that everyone has a lot more within in them than they tell everyone 
I really want to create a mood board and clean my room 
I need to re-read Harry Potter again 
I should probably, possibly stop procrastinating 
I can be anything that I want to be 
I like my Mother's cooking 

I make funny faces every time a person gives me a compliment - they regret it instantly 

I always write reminders on post it notes, so now they're everywhere throughout my room 


  1. This is so creative and beautiful! Love love love Felicity! <3 <3 Ps. I love daffodils too! ;)

  2. This is so lovely! AAAH, I'm the exact same with singing - friends caught me humming in class the other day, which was quite a shock! ;) <3 Stay well my dear! x

  3. I keep forgetting to apply for VTAC/QTAC too! (victorian tertiary bla bla bla)! D:

  4. That's what makes me not hate people: thinking of what secrets they have.


  5. most people tell me to leave the artist alone when a song I want to sing to comes on, so I sing alone now. this is such a good idea, I may try it out :)


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