Saturday, August 18

Invisible Letters.

* Miss B wrote this for me in my school diary during Biology. I was have a really shitty time and I was making at least 500 lists with all the things I had/wanted to do  because I was seriously stressing. Miss B kind of told me to fuck it all because it doesn't matter and that it was my life.

Dear Flick,
Happy Invisible Letter! I would just like to let you know I love your face and your hair and your clothes and your voice...
But that isn't really important because you would still be you within it.
You are the person who laughs at sex jokes and take photos of things other people don't notice.
You are the person who has time for a person in need.
You make up your own mind.
You are kind and funny.
You know what is right.
I'm not going to say don't ever chance because that not what I want for you. I want you to grow and learn and be bigger and better and more of yourself. All of your life.
I hope that wherever you are in the world, you always have a friend at your side, the sun overhead, and a bright future in front of you. I know that you will always have people willing to give everything up for you because you inspire people.
I hope that all the sadness you encounter gives way to miracles
I love you, beautiful girl.
Have a wonderful life. Stop making 'to do' lists, you are as free as a bird.

~ I now give this letter to all of you and hope that maybe it will give you the strength, the hope or the self encouragement you need right now.


  1. This is truly inspiring. How sweet of her and lucky of you to have someone like her ;]

    Not Just My Allegories

  2. inspiring indeed. such charming letter :)) i am smiling.

  3. Sometimes just knowing somebody cares makes all the difference.

  4. so feel-good, I've been needing that lately. thanks.


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