Monday, November 5

My soul hums through the music

Introducing 'The Music Boys': Morphsuit, Surgeon, Nose, Greg Is Awesome, Tall Lewis, Tenor, Cadet, Fearless Leader, Smiley and Strings. Aka my extended brothers. And here are just some of the times they've made me smile: 

* That one time Converse made me cry and they all stuck up for me 
* When they tease me about how I dated Google.
* How they quite literally protect me from any harm, both physical and verbal. 
* All the times in the music kitchen, when I've walked in and they just joke around.
* Early mornings with Morphsuit and his bass.
* When they call me Felicita in that weird voice of theirs.
* The other day laughing with Morphsuit over how Google wanted to have my children (you don't want to know)
* Their obsession with all things video games.
* How Greg Is Awesome is so kind even though he won't admit it.
* Every time Tenor goes off on one of his bitchy rants.
* When Tall Lewis said I was beautiful in a non-pervy way.
* Being really close with Nose and going to formal with him.
* The beautiful, although odd, personalities of Smiley, Strings and Cadet. 
* Surgeon's cynical comments on everything.
* When Surgeon comforted me that one time I got a really crappy English mark. 
* Every single speech Fearless Leader has ever given. 
* When Greg Is Awesome told me they all noticed I was invisible and that's why they like me.

You can't even begin to imagine how much these boys mean to me and I don't think they know it themselves. Some days I just don't think I could survive have if it wasn't for the antics and stupidity of these lads. 

I can't even imagine how I'll even survive without my extended family, both the brothers, the sisters and the aunties and uncles. 

P.S. Please don't ask about the hat or the saluting. It's a really long story and is not as bad as it seems. 


  1. You are lucky to have such beautiful people in your life! :) Good luck with the exams! xx

  2. Very gorgeous! We all need people like this in our lives. :) Good luck tomorrow! <3

  3. Looks like an incredible amount of fun! Your extended family is full of amazing people!

    Things on this end have been...busy? hectic? awful sometimes? I'm just drowning in puddles and puddles of work. But - a bit of good news - I've been accepted into one medical school already! The rest of my results will be coming in March and the wait is doing awful things to my heart.

    1. I hate when life just doesn't slow down, but congratulations on your acceptance :)

  4. They sound pretty awesome.

  5. These guys all sound too rad, you're looking to have them. xx


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