Thursday, December 13

Here we go again

I am a child.
I am all things of my past.
I am the vulnerability of my mother.
I am the robot of my Father I am all I see,
People with walls built around them.

I am all I hear,
The sound of the computer working
Chairs creaking
Mother cooking
The faint voices of a television in the background
I am all I feel and taste,
Chai latte cravings
Fresh fruit scones
Sleepy, sleepy eyes
And confusion about what it is to love
And all I remember,
Working in a tiny corner store
Seesaws that weren't safe, but extremely fun
That moment when someone hugs you while you're crying
Singing and dancing my heart out during rehearsals
I am all I've been taught,
Sometimes you've just have to take each day as it comes
Even guys can be afraid to make the first move
That the saying 'blue and green should never be seen' is redundant
I am all I think,
Bizarre thoughts and dreams
Endless worrisome thoughts
Or sometimes I just don't, because it's easier that way
I am all those things
I'm likebed.
And these things are my blankets.
But one day I'll wash them.
And be free. 
Because I am the woman of the future.


  1. Beautiful poem - it evokes such nostalgic feelings. I hope all is well.


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