Saturday, March 2

What I Would Like To Say To You But I Don't Know How:

I remember when the dearies known as Erimentha & Francesca used to do these. Right now this is therapy. 


M & D 

D & T 

Music Family 
I wish it had...


Godmother To Be

Ears and Godmother To Be

Mine is the heart.

Miss B and Nose and Greg Is Awesome

Miss B

Dear You

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  1. Reading your post labels and feeling exactly the same thing. Everything was going okay and recently I've had a great disappointment. And even though I know it will pass, it has made me moody and quite a bit sad in the past few days.

    I'm in the mood to run very far away from everything right now, but I'm too tired to get out of bed even.

    I hope everything is alright on your end. We'll weather the storm, and hopefully, it'll be brighter in a few days?


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