Saturday, March 16

Count your blessings before they are gone

Dear you,
Today I shaved my hair for 'Shave For A Cure'. It feels empowering and weird and I love it. But what I'm grateful for the most is that I have a choice to shave off my hair, knowing that'll it grow back. That I don't have cancer and that I'm healthy. My choice to be bald may be a representation of my fight against cancer, but it will never be the same. I'll never be quite as brave as those who have family members affected or those actually fighting the battle against cancer itself.  I also love that so many people have been so supportive and it has really restored my faith in humanity.
I also learnt to appreciate my very own 'groupies'.
I also learnt to be aware that sometimes people are hurting more than they appear to be.

I also love that being friends with Hippie and Converse means being invited to a whole group of independent and supportive people. Their families are just so absolutely out-of-this-world kind and generous. But at the same time abusive in the good kind of way.

Today was the day I started to feel the energies again and that makes me so happy.

I've been listening to certain music lately that reminds me of all the people I miss: Miss B, Nose, Greg Is Awesome, Bus Buddy and soon-to-be-gone That's Cute. I'm glad though for feeling these feelings, because it means I can feel something. It means I'm alive.

I want to learn to be more grateful though and learn how to say thank you more often again.

All my love and hugs and sunshine,

P.S. Sorry for the lack of comment and such, uni has been full on.


  1. You did a good thing. I think about death every day.


  2. I like that - learning to be grateful about the things we have. I feel like I have to remind myself every once in awhile.

    Can I just say - you are the most inspiring person ever? And you look fantastic with your shave head.

  3. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?





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