Wednesday, April 3

Dot Points

* My soul is a sunflower, that has crinkled around the edges.
* The crocodile in that dream was a metaphor for something and I hate that metaphor.
* Girls don't need to grow their hair long because a guy says so.
* I mother my friends because that's what I do and it's what I'm there for.
* I'm weird, I'm dorky and I'm not afraid to show it.
* I hate Ernie, but at the same time I love him. Ugh.
* I just really, really want my hippie pants and elephant tank back. I wish she would just stop making excuses. It makes me worried. 
* It made me really happy when I got my draft back for communications and she said nothing was wrong. 
* I really just want to curl up in a corner and cry. And read Melina Marchetta, because for some reason her characters and story lines just soothe my heart. 


  1. I liked this post and your dot points. Melina Marchetta sooths my heart also, x x x

  2. I've never read Melina Marchetta, but now I really want to.

    Also, you won my little giveaway dear. If you could email me at with two prints of your choice from my photographs and your mailing address, that would be great ^__^


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